Mark A. Zalewski


Green Team Coalition, LLC
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20+ Years in Business Related Roles, Primarily in Automotive and Small Start-Up Companies
• 1 Year Green” Strategies
• 10 Years Commercial Sales
• 5 YearsProgram/Process Management
• 7 YearsBusiness Development


  • Commercial Sales
  • Business Strategies
  • Program Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Mfg/Product Engineering
  • Joint Venture Solutions
  • Business Consulting
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Strategic Marketing
Mr. Zalewski has lead teams in launching various products such as PZEV fuel systems into markets in North America, South America and Europe as well as leading teams in developing and implementing process improvements techniques into manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Mr. Zalewski has over 22 years of professional business experience in the automotive industry. He has worked for Ford Motor Company as well as for Visteon Corporation and Automotive Components Holdings, LLC. Mr. Zalewski has held positions in; product engineering, quality control, manufacturing engineering, program and process management and marketing and sales. Mr. Zalewski has had manufacturing and commercial responsibility for products supporting North America, South America, Europe and Asia with annual revenues totaling over $2 Billion. The range of products included; powertrain systems, interior and exterior systems, fuel and vapor systems, chassis systems and exterior lighting systems. Prior to joining the National Green Team as the Vice President of Sales, Mr. Zalewski was instrumental in forming an international, tier 1 automotive supplier which provided high tech chassis solutions for OEMs throughout the world. He was responsible for developing and implementing a marketing and sales strategy for the new organization, as well as hiring and training marketing and sales personnel. Mr. Zalewski has also held leadership roles in; joint venture relationships, negotiating multi million dollar contractual agreements, leading a multi-billion sales team, and leading and consulting numerous business groups on cost reduction programs and business development strategies. He has done a significant amount of work related to NHTSA, which is a State/Federal Government entity associated with health and safety, in this particular case, related to automotive safety. Mr. Zalewski was the primary interface with NHTSA from a Program Management perspective and dealt with safety issues with a cost to the general public exceeding $2 billion dollars. He has also led multiple groups in the community associated with the Public School system. For two years he led Middle School students in local and regional competitions in Robotics.

Mr. Zalewski is currently studying to be certified for the LEED NC AP and plans on being accredited by the end of April, 2009. Mr. Zalewski holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan, a MBA in Marketing from Wayne State University and a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Statistics from Oakland University.