Count on The Green Team Coalition for:


  • Energy Auditing
  • Waste Stream Auditing
  • Document Output Auditing
  • Education & Networking
  • Facilities Consulting
  • LEED Consulting
  • Project Management

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Who is Green Team Coalition, LLC?

The Green Mission: Identify, Implement and Sustain Efficiency Green Team Coalition is hired to perform comprehensive energy and waste stream audits on a green platform. The purpose is to assess how much energy is being utilized and how much waste is being generated. We can then identify the associated costs for each use. The next step is to evaluate potential efficiencies and and cost savings. This process allows us to direct the client in prioritizing changes. btn

All things Green Conference

Join us at the 2013 All things Green Conference. Looking to reduce energy costs in your business? Reduce building operating expenses? Learn about important energy policy? Find financing for your project? Learn from those who’ve lived it? Join us for a half day conference that explores practical solutions for energy saving ideas, innovation and implementation.


Learn about White Tags®

Join us Learn about White Tags® Also known as energy optimization credits, White Tags each represent 1 MWh of electricity savings or 1 MCF of natural gas savings. Businesses that can demonstrate meter-measured energy conservation can convert those savings to tradable White Tags and sell them, creating a new source of revenue.